Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Good bye stsadme.exe, Time to learn Windows PowerShell

Although a version of Windows Powershell was available on the Win 2008 machine that I use, I never really paid any serious attention to this tool. But since Windows Powershell is expected to replace good old stsadm.exe, it’s time for me to ramp up.

Stsadme.exe will continue to be supported for back word compatibility. However, if stsadm.exe can do something, Windows Powershell will also be able to do the same. And with higher efficiency most of the times.

Stsadm.exe, good old friend, we will miss you. Rest In Peace

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Rahul Vartak said...

PowerShell looks very promising.. with all the cmdlets it provides..

For Starters..Here's a blog I wrote that notes down steps with snapshots for deploying SP 2010 sites.

What is really cool is the ability to create your own cmdlets which can really make both the developers and the deployment team's job simpler in the future. :)Looking forward to learn that..