Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Top 8 reasons why you should upgrade to Windows 8:

I upgraded from Windows 8 Consumer to Windows 8 Release Preview(RC) this week.
Update: I am now on Windows 8 RTM. Updated the content of post.

If you are still on an older operating system like Win XP / Windows 7, here are Top 8 reasons why you should upgrade to Win 8.

1. Faster Startup and Shut Down times
It takes only 10 seconds to startup and 5 seconds to shut down when I am on Win 8. My Win 7 OS on same hardware took around 2 minutes to startup and 1 minute to shut down.
2. Bring life to your PC – Use Modern( formerly called Metro Style) UI
Experience the Fast and Fluid Modern UI. Using it is the easiest way to learn the design principles of Modern UI.
3. It’s all about Apps
Play “Cut the Rope” with your friends and family. Compete on "Word-a-ment" with others. And enjoy the other great Apps available on the Windows 8 Store.
4. Practice what you preach & Early Adopter benefits
If you are an IT pro, use and experience Windows 8, before selling the same to customers. Embrace early to win the race. The early bird catcheth the worm, right.
5. Virtualize using Hyper-V on Windows 8
Windows 8 includes Hyper-V. Enable Hyper-V (described in my previous post here). Enable Hyper-V and setup your different environments.
6. Windows To Go
Carry your Windows 8 on a USB 3.0 stick with you. No need to carry the bulky laptops back and forth between Office and Home or while you are travelling.
7. Windows Everywhere
Use the same platform and Apps on your desktop, laptop, tablet, and now Windows Phone 8. Save settings once, and access it across different form factors.
8. .………………………………
Developing a Windows 8 App (‘What Time Is It?’) was my 8th reason. Will like to hear from you what’s your reason for upgrading to Windows 8.

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